Assessment Of Impact Of Social Media On Aesthetic Dental Treatment Choices In General Population In Pune City

  • Maitreyee Kane M.A Rangoonwala College of Dental Sciences


ABSTRACT: Introduction: Worldwide, the use of social media has become extremely common.
People of all age groups utilize the popular social media platforms for e.g., WhatsApp, Facebook,
Instagram, etc. The aim of this study is to assess the impact of social media on aesthetic dental
treatment choices in the general population in Pune city (India). Materials and Methods: A survey
was conducted amongst the general population in the region of Pune city (India). The survey was
posted to random population, requesting sociodemographic details and information about the use of
social media platforms, the information circulated on social media with respect to aesthetic dentistry,
the patient’s perception and the demand for aesthetic dental treatment through social media platforms.
Results: A total of 152 responses were collected from the general population in the region of Pune
city (India). About 96.1% of the participants use social media, and 77.6% of them have come across
any sort of advertisement related to aesthetic dentistry on social media. About 65.8% of the
participants follow dentists/dental awareness related pages on social media and 65.1% of them find
relevant information about aesthetic dental treatments on social media.Conclusion:The study
concluded that the majority of the participants use social media and their approach towards aesthetic
dental procedures is affected by the activity of the dentist on social media.

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